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Russian Identity
by Andrei Piontkovsky / Hudson Institute




6" x 9"
November 2008

Soft laminated cover



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About the Author

ANDREI PIONTKOVSKY is a Russian scientist, prominent political writer and analyst, and a frequent contributor to journals and newspapers.

He has been an outspoken critic of Putin’s “sovereign democracy” in Russia, and is the author of several books on the Putin presidency including his most recent one, “Another Look Into Putin’s Soul.”

Piontkovsky is a Senior Visiting Fellow at Hudson Institute in Washington, DC. He is a member of AMS and the International PEN Club.

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About the book

Andrei Piontkovsky’s Russian Identity is the sequel to his bestselling Another Look Into Putin’s Soul (Hudson Institute, 2006), which covered modern Russian history from 1999-2006.

In Russian Identity, Piontkovsky analyzes the events from early 2006 through the fall of 2008, including the rise of systemic corruption, the cultivation of xenophobia, and a growing assault on independent media, and shows how they reflect the failure of Russia’s attempt to enact reforms.

Piontkovsky also examines the centuries’ old dispute about the meaning of Russian identity. Does Russia belong to a European culture which respects tolerance, freedom, and individual rights? Or is Russia destined to be a land where servility and submissiveness reign?

About the book — Reviews, Opinions

Ironically uncompromising, a brilliant polemicist, Andrei Piontkovsky is a one-man phenomenon of Russian political journalism. He is not afraid to tell it how it is.
He has the courage to deride Orwell’s Big Brother. No one can match his merciless dissection of the Russian state authorities. After reading Piontkovsky, everything else seems flat. Open this book and see for yourself.

Liliya Shevtsova,
author of “Putin’s Russia”

* * *

Andrei Piontkovsky’s honest, stinging and insightful commentaries on the Russian president in particular, and Russian politics in general, follow the long tradition in Russia of “laughter through tears.” Gems of satire and political analysis, his essays reflect the heart of a Russian patriot with a strong sense of universal justice.

General William E. Odom (1932–2008),
former Director, National Security Agency

* * *

Andrei Piontkovsky is one of Russia’s most original analysts. Although he is sometimes controversial — I myself don’t always agree with what he writes — there is no disputing his sincerity, talent and deep concern over what is happening in Russia.

Mikhail Kasianov,
former Prime Minister of the Russian Federation

* * *

Andrei Piontkovsky is one of the keenest observers of Russian politics today. In this book, he laces analysis and opinion to produce a hard-hitting critique of Russian domestic policies and a sobering assessment of Russia’s external behavior. This book is must reading for anyone who aspires to understand Putin’s Russia.

Michael McFaul,
Associate Professor of Political Science, Stanford University;
Senior Fellow, the Hoover Institution

* * *

Andrei Piontkovsky is the bravest and most insightful commentator writing in Russia today. I am proud to be his colleague and friend and to commend this new book to readers in America and elsewhere. The Kremlin lie-machine has done a good job in persuading large parts of western public opinion that poverty is prosperity, censorship is freedom and corruption is honesty. It is a dilute version of the huge propaganda effort mounted inside Russia to persuade the Russian people that the dreadful sacrifices in freedom and international standing inflicted on the country by the Putin regime are worthwhile.

Edward Lucas,
Deputy Editor, Economist
Author of “The New Cold War”

Excerpts from the book

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