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Two Circles of Life
by Paul Raphael Friedman




6" x 9"
144, ill
July 2010

Soft laminated cover


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About the Author

Paul Friedman was born in Moscow, Russia to both American parents who moved there from the United States in mid 1930s. They were lured by the ideals of building a new progressive and prosperous society. What they found there later was quite the opposite of what had attracted them and what they had expected.

Paul’s both parents were arrested in Russia. His father was accused of being American and British spy and later executed, while his mother was accused of anti-Soviet propaganda and spent time in Siberian GULAG. Paul and his brother were placed in a children prison and later in an orphanage in Moscow, and two weeks before Soviet dictator Stalin’s death they were exiled from Moscow to another orphanage in the lower-Volga area. Paul’s parents were fully exonerated in 1958, during the period of the so-called Khruschev Thaw.

Paul first visited the U.S. in 1989 and came here for good in 1991. Paul settled in Los Angeles with the help of his paternal relatives who reside there. He got his first job of a software analyst and moved to Kansas City in 1992. Since 1993, he works as a Russian language interpreter and translator for the U.S. Government and lives in the suburbs of the nation’s capital.

From the Author

This book is a biographical story of my life. The decision to publicize it was made after different people who heard it from me at different times thought it was unique, fascinating, dramatic, and worth recording.

My grandparents immigrated to the United States from different parts of the Russian Empire. My parents were born in the U.S. and independently of each other moved to the Soviet Union to help build what they thought "the world’s most progressive new society with equality of all". What they found there instead was KGB and GULAG, which destroyed their lives along with millions of other innocent people.

The book tells the story of growing up under Communist dogmas, depicts all the dramatic events I had to go through, describes various facets of the Soviet society, and provides the insider’s analysis of Communism and the Soviet Union.

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Excerpts from the book

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