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Holistic Detection
in the Collective Subconscious
by Sol Aris




6" x 9"
312, ill
August 2010

Soft laminated cover


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About the Author

Sol Aris has had a highly varied background, which has led him to a life of research into the esoteric topics. He was born in Russia and grew up in the United States, worked as a lawyer for many years, and as a computer programmer for a few more. He has also been a rock guitarist and singer since the early eighties, and participated in numerous fringe theater and stand-up comedy productions, for some of which he designed the costumes.

He has led several communes, though unfortunately none of them proved viable. He was a political activist in his youth, but left that road long ago. He has done his military service twice (in two countries), and is proud to report having been kicked out both times. Sol currently resides in the town of old Jaffa, Israel, and his actual name is Shaul Volkov.

Since early 2005 Sol has been devoting himself exclusively to research and writing, mostly about topics connected with the Quest for the Holy Grail. Initially he was posting his thoughts and philosophy on an obscure mailing list, and had also written many lengthy messages on these subjects on the Daily Grail, Cult of Dan Brown, the Book of Thoth forums and the Halexandria Foundation.

Sol's articles had been published in many places on the Internet, including the websites of authors Philip Gardiner and Gary Osborn and Dirk Van Der Ploeg's UFO Digest, as well as in Atlantis Rising magazine

About the book

This book of essays is a reflection of some of Sol’s research over the years. The subjects range across a broad spectrum — from social and political commentary to analysis of philosophical constructs and alchemical notions. Many of the essays focus on unraveling fascinating historical mysteries, involving secret societies and hidden artifacts.

The everlasting Grail Quest is substantially researched as a spiritual journey. Sol believes that the Holy Grail has several hypostases and one of them – a physical object, possibly possessing some characteristics of the Ark, found its destination in the United States of America. Says Sol: “I have chanced upon… extremely interesting yet curiously entirely overlooked link between the origins of America and the legend of the Holy Grail.”

The method of Holistic Detection is elucidated and extolled as a means of cognitive and creative human aspirations. Applied to the Holy Grail, says Sol, “the search for it, under one name or another, has been a part of our human history for many millennia. Therefore, I feel it stands to reason that All of our art, and any shape and form, contain hidden hints about it, whether the creator of that art placed it there unconsciously or on purpose. Not just Leonardo da Vinci, Bernini and others mentioned by the researchers, but Every Artist.”

Sol uses his knowledge of Bible in substantiating his findings and conclusions about the meaning of words and events, as well as historical and literary figures. A student of Russian literature will find an interesting twist in the interpretation of Koroviev, an important character of the classic novel “Master and Margarita” by Mikhail Bulgakov.

The book is innovative in that it combines a friendly, conversational style of the Internet forum discussions with serious subjects. Says the author:  “It is believed that the Internet is substituting books. I hope that this book will show that the two can be happily combined and mutually beneficial.”

About the book — Reviews, Opinions

Sol's Essays impressed me with their spectrum and knowledge of the subjects. Sol definitely does not belong to the mainstream, but it is the off-mainstream people who invoke new ideas and bring about changes to the modes of thinking.

Olga Platonova, Mountain View, CA

What an interesting collection!!! Sol certainly has an interesting style of expression.

Marlene Evance, Professor of Education,
The Universiry of Syracuse

I did enjoy reading Sol's book; he surely is marching to a different drummer…how one wishes more people would do that.

Hannelore Engelmann, Half Moon Bay, CA

In “Who is Koroviev” (page 177), … I really do like your theory about Isaiah “inventing the Devil”, a “little joke turned sour.”

I also really liked the combo of Hermes and Aphrodite (Mercury-Venus), “representing Ultimate Knowledge”. I agree that “The crop circle is a group consciousness phenomenon” is indeed an “ABSOLUTELY SENSATIONALLY ASTONISHING” idea. (page 278) Whereupon, on the following page, “man will be able to change the molecular structure of things, including himself.” Wow!


Daniel Sewell Ward, a physicist and a writer

Excerpts from the book

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