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So, your manuscript is ready

and you want to make it the available to all… or at least to your circle of closest friends.

Where to begin? How to realize your ideas? How to interest people in your work?

If you are a novice or simply not well-known, this is problematic. A very insignificant number of beginners and/or little-known authors is published yearly by traditional large publishing houses. For every "lucky man," whose manuscript is read, approved, accepted for publication and printed, there are thousands of others who are refused for a variety of reasons.

So, what are your options?  How to attain the publication of your book?

  • You can continue sending out your manuscript to various publishing houses in hopes it will one day get noticed and appreciated.
  • You can get frustrated enough to set your manuscript aside and forget about it…
  • Or you can contact us, M·Graphics Publishing, where your work will be appreciated, and you will receive fast, expert, professional help with getting your manuscript turned into a book.

M·Graphics Publishing:

Offers its services to writers of prose, poetry, memoirs, children's fairy tales, serious historical studies, collections of favourite recipes; all that you would want to see as a book or pamphlet.

We will provide you with expert assistance with all questions that can arise during preparation for publication, and its transfer to the printing and publishing enterprise.

M·Graphics Publishing specializes in preparation and publication of authors' materials, whether they are books or pamphlets, practically in any style of binding: paperback, hardcover, spiral-bound, pamphlet format, and others.

We are focused on authors who wish to publish their work in any print run—from single copies to the multi-thousand print runs. There are various reasons for such a publication:

  • Advanced copies of a future book
  • Books for a personal library
  • A hot new novel
  • A present to friends and family
  • Copies for advertising purposes or a presentation, etc.

Printing companies we work with specialize in print runs starting with 25 copies; however, it is possible to print a smaller number.  Books are prepared in paperback or hardcover, with color cover or dust-cover, in various formats.  We do not ever work with ready-made templates; we collaborate with every writer individually and thus, each book is uniquely prepared and designed

  Working with Authors:

M·Graphics Publishing
offers the following types of work:


You, the author, perform the entire preparatory work yourself and bring us the finished, designed mock-up in size suitable for transfer to the printing house (see Layout Requirements), and not requiring editing, proof-reading, or any other changes.

You, the author, having preliminarily decided with us on the final version of all book parameters (type of paper for text and covers, type of binding and its specification) and print run size, will sign a contract with us regarding job fulfillment, and M
·Graphics Publishing will transfer the order to the printing company, and ensure its press. After obtaining the order, you will pay for it, and it remains at your discretion.  For an additional fee, we can offer you our help in advertising and marketing your book, as well as arrange for your book to be sold in the online store of the publishing house.

Author-paid Publication:

If, for whatever reason, the first option does not work for you, or you simply do not want to (or cannot) do all the pre-press book preparation yourself, or if you require additional services, you can select another option that we offer—book preparation and publication paid for by the author.  In many instances, this option can be the only one available to you, depending on your objectives.  This book can start or supplement your catalogue of artistic or scientific works; it can establish your copyright to your work. We can also offer assigning ISBN and registration in the Library of Congress (LCCN) of the book, which will allow you to officially distribute your book, be included into library catalogues, and basically advertise yourself.

You, the author, having preliminarily determined, which specific services of the publishing house you will require (editing, proof-reading, illustrations, cover design, and so forth), and how many people are interested in the book, will sign a contract with us regarding job fulfillment, and provide us with the manuscript and other materials necessary for book preparation.  M·Graphics Publishing carries out the tasks as defined by the contract and, after your approval of the final proof, prints your order. You will pay for the services rendered to prepare and print the book. For an additional fee, we can arrange for your book to be sold at the online store of the publishing house.

For questions about press orders and publication costs, please contact us.

Traditional book publishing

In some specific cases, our publishing house can offer a author the traditional method of work printing, namely release of the book at the cost of the publishing house. In this case, the publishing house, having preliminarily signed a contract with the author, takes upon itself all expenditures for the editing, preparation, assigning ISBN and registering LCCN, and printing of the book, and is responsible for book distribution. The publishing house is also responsible for reprints, if required. The author is paid an established fee from each copy sold.

Please visit our Q&A section —you will find answers available to many of your questions. For all questions left unresolved, please contact us— we help you to get the result…

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